Mastering Grade 3 Ulangan Harian (UH) Exercises for Curriculum 2013 (2023)


In the realm of education, assessing a student's progress is a critical component. The evaluation process involves measuring various aspects such as attitudes, knowledge, and skills. As we delve into the Latihan Soal UH-PH Kelas-3 Tema-3 Subtema 1, 2, 3, 4 for Curriculum 2013, we aim to provide an extensive resource for both educators and learners.

Understanding the Curriculum

The Curriculum 2013 emphasizes a holistic approach to education, enriching the standard content with the needs of students for critical and analytical thinking, aligning with international standards. This refinement includes a focus on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), pushing students to think broadly and deeply about the subject matter.

Assessing Learning

The assessment process, conducted by educators, covers attitudes, knowledge, and skills. It is essential to recognize that assessing attitudes provides descriptive information about a student's behavior. Simultaneously, assessing knowledge measures a student's understanding, and evaluating skills gauges their ability to apply knowledge in specific tasks.

The Role of Educators

In this evaluation framework, educators play a pivotal role. They must emphasize assessing attitudes, knowledge, and skills that enhance students' capabilities in an HOTS-oriented learning process. While not a new form of assessment, HOTS-oriented evaluation maximizes teachers' skills in assessment, promoting a well-rounded evaluation approach.

Differentiating Assessments

Assessment in the education system spans various forms, including daily assessments (Penilaian Harian or PH), Mid-Semester Assessments (Penilaian Tengah Semester or PTS), End-of-Semester Exams (Ulangan Akhir Semester or UAS), and Year-End Assessments (Penilaian Akhir Tahun or PAT). Each serves a unique purpose, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of a student's academic progress.

Practical Resources

To aid both educators and learners in this process, we provide exercises for Grade 3 Ulangan Harian (UH) or daily assessments. These exercises, aligned with Curriculum 2013, cover each subtheme comprehensively. Educators can utilize them as references in formulating assessments, while students can use them for practice, enhancing their understanding of Grade 3 curriculum themes.

Accessing the Resources

For easy access, we offer downloadable links for Grade 3 UH exercises related to Tema-3 Subtema 1, 2, 3, 4. These exercises are designed to be user-friendly, allowing educators and students to effortlessly integrate them into their learning routines.

Additional Grade 3 Resources

Expanding beyond Tema-3, we also provide Grade 3 UH exercises for other themes:


In conclusion, our Grade 3 Ulangan Harian exercises aim to be a valuable asset for educators and students alike. The resources provided cover various themes, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the Curriculum 2013. Through diligent practice and thoughtful assessments, we aspire to contribute to the enhancement of the learning experience for Grade 3 students.


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